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One Little Earth Sponsors New "Nature Week" Summer Camp with Mighty Writers

One Little Earth was delighted to help create and sponsor Mighty Writers' very first enviro-themed summer camp at its Camden, NJ, site last month. The nature-themed week, called "Kids & Teens Write Wild," offered 30 young campers field trips to local parks, fun and interactive books to take home, nature journaling, flower planting, and much more!

The pilot program was so successful that Mighty Writers hopes to expand the weeklong camp to four sites in Philadelphia next summer. You can learn more about Mighty Writers -- a great youth literacy nonprofit that offers free writing workshops, after school programs, and summer camp to youth in the Delaware Valley -- at

Here's a peek at the day-by-day curriculum and a few pics of the happy campers:

Monday - "Into the Wild!”

  • Distribute free books:

    • Kids Who Are Saving the Planet (Elementary school campers)

    • When Plants Took Over the Planet (Middle School campers)

  • Walk to Liney Ditch Park

  • Nature journaling

Tuesday - “Wild Nights”

  • Middle school students create poems based on Emily Dickinson’s nature poems

  • Book discussion and reviews

  • Elementary school book day

Wednesday - "Social & Emotional Learning"

  • Guided discussion with professional educator about the importance of nature for our health and wellness

  • Plant flowers at Liney Ditch Park with the Center for Environmental Transformation

Thursday - “Woodsy Words”

  • Write poems using nature vocabulary in a race against the clock

  • Middle School/Teen Book Club Day

  • "Name that plant/tree" game at Liney Ditch Park

Friday - "Field Trip to Doyle Pier"

  • Nature art & yoga activities

__________________________________- If you like what we're doing, please consider supporting One Little Earth! Stay tuned for more info on other impactful youth programs we've been sponsoring.



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