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Joanne Douglas portrait

Joanne Douglas

Board Member


Joanne is an environmental educator and artist who works as the Watershed Interpretation Manager at Bartram’s Garden. Through mixed-media visuals and creative writing she investigates the complicated connections and relationships between humans, water, industry and influences on perceptions and definitions of space. Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania and is working on a Master of Environmental Studies, also at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lynn Washington portrait

Lynn Washington


Board Member


Lynn has a passion for encouraging people to read. As graphic Design Supervisor for the Free Library of Philadelphia, she created exhibits to attract new audiences. As founder and owner of the multicultural, Germantown-based bookstore “Books & Stuff,” she celebrated the power of reading stories about all races and cultures.  In an October 2020 interview in Grid magazine, Lynn said, “Illiteracy traps people in a cycle of poverty. It limits your life choices. It’s difficult to achieve social mobility, to move up in your life….Libraries are important but the other important thing is children having their own books, their own reading material.”  She’s hopeful that One Little Earth’s focus on providing books to underserved kids will help address this pressing problem.

Darcie Goldberg portrait

Darcie Goldberg


Board Member


Darcie is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. She studied photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh before working for United Press International. After several years of freelance work and teaching black and white film and darkroom technique courses, she completed her Masters in the Creative Arts at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. She was the Executive Director of the Chester County Art Association for 18 years. Inspired by recent trips to Cuba, Darcie is now pursuing documentary and street photography. She is an avid movie buff who believes that the arts will tell our story for generations to come.

Debra Wolf Goldstein portrait

Debra Wolf Goldstein, Esq.


One Little Earth, Board President


(See FOUNDER page for bio)

“Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!’”

—Robin Williams

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