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One Little Earth Announces Alliance with Children’s Book Publisher

One Little Earth is thrilled to announce an alliance with The Little Press, an indie, woman-owned, traditional children’s book publisher. Under the partnership, One Little Earth and The Little Press will acquire and publish two new nature-themed children’s books per year. The first release -- by a well-established author-illustrator -- is scheduled for Fall 2024. Debra Wolf Goldstein, One Little Earth’s founder and executive director, will serve as editor.

At least one hundred copies of each book produced by the alliance will be donated to underserved school libraries and youth literacy nonprofits.

In the coming months, we'll be showcasing the authors, illustrators, and stories we've selected to kick off this exciting partnership.

Publisher Michele McAvoy notes that “The Little Press seeks to bring new voices and new talent to children’s literature by promoting debut and/or early career creatives.” To find out more about The Little Press’s mission, team and book catalogue please go to


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